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Pursuant Naturale is the mission of Cerf Club: To seek nature whilst also abiding by the respect to preserve it. This is reflected in the crafted approach we take where there is minimal manipulation and the wines are able to be true to their land. The result is wines that are refreshing, fun and fun to share with friends outdoors. 


Current Cerf Club Wine Offerings


Artwork by victor reyes

Acclaimed muralist and painter Victor Reyes’s bold style is a perfect complement to Cerf Club Wines. The movement and action of the painting are inspired by landscape, people and emotion. 

The connection goes beyond an affinity for aesthetic. Victor, Matthew, Ted and Jordan were colleagues in high school. Matthew documented Victor’s early rise to graffiti fame in Los Angeles vis a vis the hip hop magazine, Subculture. Matthew was a co-senior editor of the magazine that covered emerging artists in the broader underground hip hop culture representing dancing, mc’ing, dj/production and graffiti. Victor was already making his mark and recognized globally for his skill. As he made the leap to canvas and now digital mediums, his legacy as a street artist is indelible, and imprint on walls of San Francisco unmistakable.

Victor’s creative approach serves as a compelling storyline and importance for Cerf’s support for art and culture in the wine we are putting forward.  We are honored to have is work on our labels. 

Cerf’s signature “En Plein Air” carbonic zinfandel pays homage to Victor’s early graffiti days as “En Plein Air” translates to “painting outside”.

Reyes also created the seasonally inspired interior paint on our walls. Victor is a long time friend of the founders of Stag Dining. See more of his work at  reyes78.com

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