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Cerf Club Wine Co. set out to make California wines with a French soul, crafted with a soft-handed approach where nature speaks first. Our wines are influenced by the easy drinking and food-complimentary wines of the Rhône and Provence regions of France. “Cerf“ is the French translation for deer and is a nod to this project originated by Stag Dining Group. “Club” invokes a social gathering around mutual interests. In our case, it is in the appreciation of nature, hunting, camping, fishing, canoeing through the wilderness and sleeping under the stars. 

"Pursuant Naturale" is the pursuit of the natural world while abiding by the laws that guide it. Finding the harmony in our finished product is our goal that you can enjoy in your glass. We source our grapes from vineyards with high cultivation standards, that don't spray and are either organic or on their sustainable pathway to being so.

Our wines reflect the diverse terroir of California, including Sonoma Valley, the Sierra Foothills, Russian River Valley and Mendocino. California and France can only boast of such dynamic regions in a concentrated geographical region.

Our labels feature artwork by our longtime friend, Victor Reyes. The artwork serves as testimony of finding harmony in art, culture, nature and experiences. 

Liberté, égalité, fraternité, sustainability .

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